Barcelona Perl Mongers — Perl programmers in Barcelona

Name — Barcelona Perl Mongers


use Perl;
use Acme::PM::Barcelona;

Description is a group of people interested in Perl programming (also known as Perl Mongers) that are living in Barcelona. Interestingly enough, there's a lot of people in the group that happen to be living outside Barcelona too, so anyone is welcome aboard. Please, start subscribing the mailing list and introduce yourself.


Monthly meetings usually take place the last Thursday. See our meetup page for details.


Once a year, the Barcelona Perl Mongers organizes the Perl & Friends Conference. Its main purpose is to gather people with common interests in a day packed of talks, not necessarily Perl related. In fact, we encourage people not familiar with Perl to come and explain us new things. In this conference, "Friends" is the relevant word.

Barcelona Perl & Friends 2019 will take place on Nov 9.
You can find the information for old events on: We also have an announcements list if you want to keep up with new events.



Sure! There's a lot of them:

And don't forget the old website pages.

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Perl programming can become very, very addictive! Don't mix it with other drugs and ask your doctor in case of intoxication.


No, thanks. We prefer beers and patatas bravas.


We run a mailing list to keep us in touch. You're welcome to join us or take a closer look to our list archives.