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Barcelona Perl Mongers
Perl Festival

Mark Jason Dominus

19:00 - Francesc Guasch - Aplicacions Web amb Mason
20:00 - Mark Jason Dominus - Twelve Views
Computer Architecture Department
Campus Nord, building C6, room E101
Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya

We, the people from Barcelona Perl Mongers have just setup the Barcelona Perl Festival on July 28th and we've invited Mark Jason Dominus (MJD), as he's visiting Europe this month.

MJD is the author of more than twenty Perl modules, such as Memoize or Text::Template, moderator of the comp.lang.perl.moderated newsgroup and author of Rx, the regular expression debugger for which he received the Larry Wall for Practical Utility award, among many other contributions. MJD has made a place for himself amongst the top Perl specialists in the world.

You're welcome to join us!