NAME - Barcelona Perl Mongers


use Barcelona;

DESCRIPTION is a group of people interested in Perl (a.k.a. Perl Mongers) that are living in Barcelona. Interestingly enough, there's a lot of people in the group that happen to be living outside Barcelona too, so anyone is welcome aboard. Please, start subscribing the mailing list and attending the meetings the last Thursday of each month at Viena Pelai.


Perl can become very, very addictive! Don't mix it with other drugs and ask your doctor in case of intoxication.


No, thanks. We prefer beers and patatas bravas.


Sure! You'll find lots of them on CPAN and Google.


Don't miss the main page.


This list is incomplete and is by no means comprehensive, please drop a line to the list if you'd like to be added, removed or set up a link.

  • AdrianH
  • Xavier Noria
  • Sergio Arias
  • jluis
  • Victor Jalencas
  • Alex Muntada
  • Joel Pinckheard
  • Toni Hermoso
  • Timothy Chen Allen
  • Carlos Escribano
  • Jordi Delgado
  • Francesc Guasch
  • Enrique Nell